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Join us for “Cultural Connections,” a periodic meetup dedicated to fostering dialogue, support, and empowerment amongst Black women on matters of mental health. Presented by First Seed Psychiatry and facilitated by seasoned hosts deeply committed to fostering a platform for Black women, our sessions offer a safe and open space to explore mental health topics tailored to their unique experiences.

At Cultural Connections, we recognize the importance of addressing the unique challenges faced by Black women when it comes to mental wellness. Through facilitated conversations, we explore a range of topics including stress management, coping with racial trauma, building resilience, self-care practices, and accessing resources in the community.


Charlene Williams, a proud Rhode Island native, is a fervent advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Serving as the Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, she champions efforts to create environments where every individual feels valued and empowered to excel. With a profound commitment to women’s empowerment, Charlene not only leads groups but also spearheads various initiatives aimed at uplifting and supporting women. As the leader of multiple women’s empowerment groups, she cultivates spaces where women can connect, and foster a sense of strength and solidarity. Through her leadership, Charlene inspires others to join her in creating a more inclusive and empowering world for women everywhere.


Rosemarie Yangambi is a dedicated advocate for children in need, committed to making a positive impact on their lives. As a passionate behavior therapist, she works tirelessly to support children facing various challenges, providing them with the care, guidance, and resources they need to thrive. With a compassionate heart and unwavering dedication, Rosemarie is deeply invested in making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children, helping them unlock their full potential and achieve success. Through her work, she embodies the belief that every child deserves love, support, and the opportunity to lead a happy and fulfilling life.


Whitney Ogbo is a dedicated psychiatric nurse practitioner with a passion for providing compassionate care and support to individuals facing mental health challenges. As the founder of First Seed Psychiatry, an outpatient mental health practice, she has created a welcoming and inclusive space where individuals can access comprehensive mental health services. With her expertise and commitment to holistic care, Whitney strives to empower her clients to achieve optimal mental well-being and live fulfilling lives. Through her work, she is making a meaningful difference in the lives of those she serves, advocating for mental health awareness and destigmatization


Emotional Expression and Healing

Community Support

Learning and Growth

Validation of Experiences

Cultural Understanding

Sense of Empowerment

Access to Resources

Building Social Skills


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